The election this November is crucial for many reasons, but one major reason is the health of our planet. Scientists say that in order to make meaningful change in reversing some of the damage humankind has done to the earth, we need to act now. The next ten years will determine what happens for our next generation, and generations after. It will determine if the earth is even inhabitable for future generations.

That means our world leaders need to act fast and act together.

Unfortunately, politicians in this country are still debating whether or not climate change exists. While they waste time arguing with science, we are already seeing the catastrophic effects. California is having unprecedented wildfires. Hurricanes are larger and more frequent than ever before. The polar ice caps are melting.

I remember seeing Al Gore’s documentary about climate change when I was in my early twenties. It felt like we were talking about some point in the future that would be after my lifetime, but 15 years later, we are already here.

Back then, the environment was a bipartisan issue. Both sides of the aisle wanted what was best for our planet. Why has protecting the earth suddenly been politicized? The bottom line is— we have no time for debate. Are we going to elect someone who will question science? Or someone who will get to work?


This is the part where I tell you I am partnering with Seventh Generation to encourage people to vote with the climate in mind. They are not asking me to promote paper towels or multi-purpose cleaner, because there is something greater at stake. They are putting their advertising efforts into getting people to check their voter registration status and make a voting plan. They want us to vote for our kids, future generations and the earth we are leaving behind. They want us all to elect government officials (that means from the President all the way down the ballot to the local level) who will put policies in place to save and protect our environment, starting Day 1 in office.

According to Seventh Generation, a company that has been committed to making earth-friendly products for more than 30 years, we have to elect officials who will:

1) Commit to 100% clean and renewable energy, economy-wide, by 2030.

2) Create jobs, build infrastructure and invest in industries that support clean air and water for all communities.

3) Act in the name of justice and equity by preventing and repairing the historic oppression of communities on the front lines of the climate crisis, including communities of color, indigenous peoples, rural communities, low-income communities and displaced workers.

There is time and they are optimistic. They believe there WILL BE a seventh generation. Scientists know the next steps we need to take. We just need to vote and then get to work!

Take a good look at your children. They are inheriting this earth. We have a responsibility to make the biggest effort possible to make this world a healthy place to live. A vote for the planet is not just for future generations. It is for this NEXT generation. Our kids.

I am filling out my ballot with the girls tonight (already in my possession) and mailing it in by the end of this week. Mike is planning on voting in-person first thing in the morning on Election Day. Please tell me your voting plan in the comments below!

If you need to check your voting status, register or find out any other info about the election, please visit the Seventh Generation Voter Resource Hub.