Above is Mazzy dressed up as a piece of sushi for her first Halloween. Note the wasabi hat. The costume was a huge success. The tuna portion was handsewn by yours truly— the most crafty thing I've done since accidently letting my wedding bouquet flowers dry.

I'm pleased to say the costume remained in tact throughout the whole three day affair (I now understand this is the length of Halloween when you've got a kid).

Giving the costume a spin on three different days, at three different events posed a minor issue however, since the majority of the outfit is sushi-rice-white. Luckily we've got an entire drawer full of long-sleeved white onesies. The tights were washed daily.

Mazzy's costume works best when crawling so below is a video that shows her in action. Please know that no film of Mazzy crawling was sped up in the making of this video— she really is THAT quick!

Baby Sushi from Ilana Rosengarten on Vimeo.

Music: The Buggy Ride by Wynton Marsalis