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I debated posting this video because the mother mentions spanking her kids and although, I don't agree with spanking personally, I still don't want people to attack her in the comments. Whatever my opinion, I fail at parenting pretty regularly and am in no position to judge.

I will say this— watch how you talk to your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. around your children because they will take your tone of voice, digest it and then spit it right back at you once they have the ability to form a cohesive argument.

Witness three-year-old Matteo arguing with his mother over whether he deserves a cupcake. From what I can understand (which isn't a lot), his mom said "no", so he asked Grandma.

Smart kid.

Then Matteo tries to defend himself while calling his mom by her first name, repeatedly asking her to "listen" and at one very pivotal point, dismissing her as "Honey". Channeling Dad, perhaps?

It is both hilarious and an important lesson. 

When Linda says, "I'm done arguing with you!", Matteo counters with, "No, I'm done arguing with you!"

Sorry, Linda. I think Matteo won this one…

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