The nice thing about Valentine's Day themed gifts as opposed to other holiday themed gifts (like Christmas tree sweaters and Jack-O-Lantern ties) is that hearts are relevant year round. And the nice thing about Valentine's Day THIS year, is that I get to buy something super cute and heart-themed for the baby as opposed to the very unromantic monkey-themed gifts that my husband and I normally bestow upon one another. Case in point: the large stuffed monkey delivered to my office four years ago. Ever try to maintain an air of professionalism while a large stuffed monkey is sitting on your desk? IMPOSSIBLE.

Question: Do people get their kids Valentine's Day gifts? Or is that the equivalent of throwing your hands up in the air and declaring, "Hallmark— YOU WIN!"?

In any case, Valentine's Day gifts clockwise from top left: Luvee Luxury Duck by Design Room, Organic Toy Rattle Monster by Chunky Chooky, Shaggy Chenille Heart Pillow by Tag, red heart baby shoes by Cuquito, Wee Feltie XO Owlet by Moon Spirit Studios, Classic Red Tricycle by Radio Flyer, Baby Valentine's Day Beanie by Stellar Stitches, Heart Baby Bib by Wee Little Pea

I'd also like to point out the onesie from Big Heart Baby in the center square, or as I like to call it— the Paul Lynde/Joan Rivers/Whoopi Goldberg position. I have an ad for them on my sidebar but I don't think I've ever taken the opportunity to explain it. Half of the profits from the sale of their baby clothes go towards the child charity of your choice. They work with six specific charities, one of them being the Children's Heart Foundation to help the fight against Congential Heart Defects. Others include Autism Speaks and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation. If you want to purchase something, click this link and use the code mommyshort for an additional 5% off. This 5% will not effect the amount of money that goes towards the charity.