Picture 5 Truth be told, I am not a very big fan of Valentine's Day. Years of being a single person has pretty much soured me to the celebration of all things coupled. Of course, this doesn't mean that my husband is off the hook. I still would like a gift. And a card. And maybe a nice dinner. Although not on Valentine's Day. Because going to a restaurant on Valentine's Day in Manhattan (is it like this everywhere?) is a horrible horrible thing that starts with a glass of warm champagne and ends with a cold molten chocolate cake that has already gone hard in the center. (Somewhere in that cold hard center of a once molten chocolate cake is a brilliant metaphor for a heartless Valentine's Day. I'll have to consult a better writer).

But now that I have the Hallmark-holiday-bashing out of my system, I would like to offer you all something uncharacteristically sentimental. A very special Valentine's Day gift just from me. Or at least the chance of winning a very special gift which is how these giveaways work. Kind of like crossing your fingers and hoping the cool kid in third grade popped a card for you in that shoebox. (Am I the cool kid in this scenario? Finally!)

Picture 16 Anyway, my (potential) gift is a beautifully simple necklace (pictured above) that is handstamped with the phrase "omnia vincit amor" made by One Life Jewelry. In case you do not speak Latin, "omnia vincit amor" translates to "motherhood is a dirty diaper filled with unconditional love". Or maybe it means "love conquers all". I can't remember. Look it up to be sure.

The necklace sells for $60 along with tons of other beautifully handmade pieces in the One Life Jewelry Etsy shop. In fact, you can apply the $60 towards any item in the shop including the two customized necklaces pictured rightβ€” my personal favorites and both within price range.

In addition to this giveaway, I would also like to display my love and affection with the following note. (Imagine that it is handwritten on pink construction paper with cut-outs of little red hearts glued all around it. And glitter. There is definitely glitter.)

Dear Readers,

You guys are the best. Seriously. Your comments and your continued visits to my site make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. On days when I am down and feeling like a horrible parent, I can sayβ€” I feel like a horrible parent! And one of you will most likely sayβ€” I feel like a horrible parent too! And then I feel so much better.

Let's all have dinner (in spirit) on February 15th when we can get something besides a martini glass of tuna tartare and a mound of polenta shaped in a heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mommy Shorts

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If you haven't already entered "The Home Movie Editing Giveaway", you have until 8pm tonight.

UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS TO HOA! Your Valentine's Day is guaranteed to be at least 95% better than the rest of ours. Email me at myshort@mommyshorts.com to claim your prize.