In every young girl’s life, the inevitable happens. We’re reluctantly introduced to the weird wonders of The Monthly Curse and all the, um, “accessories” that go along with it. Some of us were prepared as tweens with earnest chats from our moms, some of us were prepared during that awkward week in 5th grade health class when they separated the boys from the girls, and some of us, sadly, had to figure things out on our own.

Back in my day, most of my friends, including me, were introduced to Aunt Flo by a book. Thank you, Judy Blume.

Up until then, most girls remained blissfully unaware and judging by the eight-year-old girl in the video below, who sees her very first pantyliner while filming a make-up tutorial, not much has changed. Despite being clearly knocked for a loop, this unflappable mini makeup maven forges ahead as if nothing is amiss, testing out possible pantyliner uses from lipstick blotter to beauty blender, all while wearing an adorably familiar bewildered look on her face.

I’m with you, anonymous little girl. I hate to tell you this, but womanhood hasn’t really gotten any less bewildering in my lifetime and I’m…uhhh…quite a bit older than eight.

The video was posted by her big sister, because sisters love you unconditionally but they also know when the needs of Twitter are greater than the bonds of family.

For the record, my girls have totally seen tampons and pantyliners before and have a vague idea of what they are used for. This is mostly because they don’t know how to leave me alone in the bathroom. They know tampons are something all girls use when they get older and that there is blood involved but nobody is hurt. That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far.

How about you?

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