1857912-old-fashioned-film-countdown-at-number-3 Remember last week when I showed off my editing skills along with my daughter's adorableness in "The Big Year-In-Review Video Compilation"? The most popular comment seemed to be— Dude. Please make one for my child. To which I responded— Sure! I would love to!


You see, editing that video took me forever as I am not that proficient at iMovie and have to relearn the thing with every clip I import. And going through the hours and hours of footage to decide what to use? Not fun either. I lost sleep and most of the holidays to that video. I aged forty years and now look like Wilford Brimley. And not the lovable Wilford Brimley from Our House. Current Wilford Brimley from the diabetes commercials. Although, truth be told, he looks pretty similar in both, even though they were about 25 years apart. But I digress. Completing that video was so harrowing that I doubt I will ever attempt such a feat again (sorry, future second child). To edit a video of YOUR child, you would have to kidnap me and employ some sort of Jack Bauer-esque torture technique— like forcing me to sit in a room with Chloe while she rolls her eyes at me incessantly. (That would work though because Chloe is THAT annoying).

But— all you crazy people out there who think you can get incredible things for free just by making simple requests? This time, you are actually in luck. Because my new sponsor, a company called SCENELY, is offering my readers a VERY COOL THING.

Scenely is a professional editing house and they are giving one lucky reader the invaluable gift of their time and editing expertise. You give them your raw video footage and photos and then they edit together a video for you free of charge. (You just saved yourself ONE MILLION DOLLARS!) You can make a video of a specific event like a wedding or a birthday party or a waterbirth (you know nobody wants to see that, right?) Or you can do a "Year In Review" just like I did. Check out how their process works here.

AWESOME, right?

And here you thought you'd just have to covet mine. Speaking of mine— anyone care to watch it again? I have now officially watched it more times than I watched Sixteen Candles in Junior High School. Which is to say A LOT.

Life So Far from Ilana W on Vimeo.

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Debbie A! When your child is fifteen and totally appreciates his "Year in Review" video, make sure he emails me to say "THANKS, MOMMY SHORTS!"

Email me at myshort@mommyshorts.com to claim your prize.