Babysitting rates rise dramatically on New Year's Eve (see chart above) and all of our free babysitters have very important plans (Dr. & Mr. B are throwng a party, Grammy is going to a midnight showing of Black Swan, and Poppy will be at The Baby Deathtrap in the Hamptons plotting new ways to destroy small children with the furniture). SO— Mazzy, Mike and myself are going to be spending the evening at home. And since the baby goes to sleep at 7:30pm and Mike no longer has the ability to stay up past 10pm, I am pretty sure I will be bringing in the New Year all by myself. I've even come up with a name for my solo New Year's event. It's called, "A Regular Evening". Anyone care to celebrate it with me?

We've actually decided with two other couples (Charlie's parents & Ella's parents) that we will forgo New Year's Eve plans and opt instead to go out on New Year's Day Night. The plan is to dine on a very elaborate adult-only feast paid for by our pooled New Year's Eve babysitting savings. Happy January 2nd Eve to us!

Anybody else have a better plan for bringing in the New Year with a baby?