I will be talking about this 
   movie for years to come.
   Like when my daughter 
   asks to take ballet lessons  
   or to wear a tutu or to
   simply pass by Lincoln 
   Center and I say— NO 

– Mommy Shorts


Update: It has come to my attention that people actually care what I think about this movie so I will elaborate…

Now, you must keep in mind that I have a small baby at home. So there is the large possibility that it is very easy to entertain me just by virtue of having adult dialogue and moving pictures of real people (as opposed to cartoons and puppets) on a big screen. BUT, in my childless days, I was somewhat of a movie obsessed person so I feel qualified in telling you that Black Swan was indeed FANTASTIC.

But I am no film critic so I do not feel comfortable using fancy film critic terms, like "tour de force". As in Natalie Portman gave a "tour de force" performance. Even though she most certainly did. Also— I don't like when movie reviews give away too much about the movie unless I have already seen the movie, in which case, I think those reviews should be called something else— "movie dissertations" perhaps. I'm gonna leave the underlying motives and meanings to the professionals. (But if you've seen the movie and would like to have a discussion about something, I would be more than willing to do that in the comment section).

I will say this. The movie captured my attention completely for the entire two hours so much so that I forgot to finish my Twizzlers which has never happened before in the history of me going to the movies. My husband didn't touch my Twizzlers either which is also unprecedented. He was actually the one who suggested seeing Black Swan which was surprising until I found out there is a sex scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. BUT— girl on girl action aside— my husband LOVED it. Ballet and all.

When the movie ended we were both at the edge of our seats feeling totally envigorated and giddy like we were ten and had just gotten off a roller coaster at Great Adventure. We even wondered if perhaps we were the kind of people that would enjoy a night at the ballet. Then we laughed at ourselves and said, "If there was fast paced editing and extreme close-ups!" And went home.

Just see it. K?