I bet you didn’t even know you wanted to throw a Peeps-Chic Summer Party. Or that Peeps could be chic. Or eaten in summer. Well, you’re wrong on all counts. And I teamed up with my friends Seri and Michelle (aka Little Miss Party) to prove it.

We’re Jews from New York City (well, Michelle’s just married to one), so granted, we are probably the last people you’d think would throw a Peeps themed party, but when Peeps challenged us to create an event featuring their two new summer flavors, Lemonade and Bubblegum, we rose to the occasion. Who doesn’t like a party with a good theme? That’s peprcisely the reason my Roman Catholic stepmother insists on throwing our Yom Kippur Break Fast every year.


First a word about the flavors. Truth be told, I’m not the hugest marshmallow fan so I was not expecting to like either one of them. But the lemonade is awesome. It tastes like a softer less intense version of a sour patch kid. The bubblegum is tasty too but I could probably eat my weight in lemonade if I let myself.

Of course, Little Miss Party was most excited about using the Peeps for decor purposes— bubblegum pink and lemon yellow being two perfect colorscapes (did I just say colorscapes?) to represent summer.




Let’s be clear. I didn’t DO ANYTHING. I just called Little Miss Party, told her Peeps wanted to throw a party, invited a bunch of my friends with their kids and then waited for everyone to collapse from a sugar overdose. If I threw a Peeps Summer Party by myself (notice I left out the word “chic”), I would put Peeps on a Plate, call it a Plate ‘O Peeps and I’m sure everyone would still leave happy.

Little Miss Party does things a bit differently.



Duh. Of course, she’d construct a homemade lemonade stand to serve the alcohol! Who doesn’t have spare lumber in their Manhattan apartment?

I think the kids liked the party. What do you think?


From the “Peeps on a Log” to the “Peeps in a Fruit Cup” to the “Peeps on Ice”, everything looked and tasted fantastic. But more importantly (not to take away from all Little Miss Party’s efforts), it’s a pretty easy look to replicate.

You wanna make fruit cups? Place a bubblegum Peeps on top. You wanna serve bubbly? Put a Peeps on a Swizzle Stick inside. Even the Peepscake is simple. You can make a cake out of box, frost it white, put gumballs on the top and attach the Peeps with toothpicks. Or, if you don’t want to risk eating a piece of wood, just arrange the Peeps around the border on top.



I learned a valuable lesson that day. You can pop a Peeps on top of anything and immediately it becomes Pinterest worthy. And I’ve never done anything Pinterest worthy in my life.



We even had Peeps crafts for the kids, including stringing Peeps necklaces and coloring pages from Alex’s Lemonade Stand— a fantastic foundation benefiting children with cancer and a partner of Peeps. In fact, every purchase of Lemonade Peeps helps support Alex’s Lemonade Stand.


Then we sent everyone home with all the ingredients to make their own Summer Smeeps. (That’s Peeps lingo for Smores made with Peeps, by the way.)


Want more pictures? Below is me looking like a Peeps…


And everyone else dressed normally…


Thank you to my friends for coming, including NYC bloggers— Lauren from A Mommy in the City, Jill from Glamamom, Alison from Crushworthy Moms, Brianne from Stroller in the City, Sari from Mama 411, Pam from Triple Threat Mommy and Jessica and Kaity from Well-Rounded NY.

Thank you to photographer, Raquel Bianca for taking pictures, Karen Ferries (aka the Cocktail Party Chef) for making all the food, and of course, the amazing Little Miss Party for making everything look like something out of my wildest six-year-old dreams (check out her site for more details about our party).

Also? I’m giving Peeps an A+ in summer party themes. There really isn’t anything happier than a bunch of kids running around a bubblegum and lemonade flavored Peeps spread.


Especially after the inevitable sugar crash.


This post was sponsored by Peeps but all of the thoughts and opinions are my own.