Sunday was my anniversary! You know you’ve been married to someone for 12 years when you get dressed separately and accidentally coordinate your outfits.

The summer has been flying by and I can barely catch up. Mazzy is home and I’m just getting my thoughts together about how it felt to be alone with Harlow. Check out the Summer of Harlow (all about why six-years-old is the best age for one-on-one time) and Visiting Day at Mazzy’s camp (which talks about why sending Mazzy away to camp was clearly the right decision.)

I also shared a list of Five Things I Wish I Knew Before I Gave my Kid her First Phone from my the brilliant Julianna Miner and a list of 24 Children’s Books about New York City from Lauren Bercuson. So many of them near and dear to my heart. Go check them out!

Over on Instagram I shared a new episode of Harlow’s News and you can watch the latest episode of Harlow’s Baking Show where she makes chocolate chip pancake tacos. Keep an eye out for a new episode this week!

After the horrific shootings in El Paso and Dayton this past weekend, I wrote a post about the importance of our government enacting gun control laws. Or doing everything we can to make sure the politicians who support gun control as the ones we elect into office.

If you want to shed some happy tears, read this amazing story on @averageparentproblems about a babysitter who encouraged a little girl to pursue art. I think we all need something to smile about after this weekend.

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