Kisses plus rockstar

Today's caption contest photo comes courtesy of Diane O whose kids (Ben, Emma and Sophie) are involved in a bedtime ritual in which the girls throw kisses and Ben demands a brother. Or maybe you have a better explanation.

Submit your caption in the comment section below. Captions will be judged by Heidi from Madame Paradox, who won the last caption contest. Winner will be announced end of day tomorrow. This week's winner will judge the next one and so on and so forth. I know— pinch yourself, that prize could be yours!

UPDATE: Queen Heidi has pointed her bejeweled scepter at Jeanine and declared her the winner. Heidi thought this caption contest was a tough one but Jeanine rose to the occasion with, "Are we done here? Cause I have more important things to tend to— like preserving my manhood". Congratulations, Jeanine, consider yourself Queen til the next caption contest when I'll have to rip that crown from your hands and hand it over to somebody else.