There are two kinds of people on this earth. People with cool sneakers and people without. I, unfortunately, fall into the latter category. I pick my sneakers based on LAME FACTORS like actually using them for running and the desire to properly support my arch. For casual kicks, I play it safe with a pair of black Converse. I can identify cool sneakers when other people are wearing them but when faced with a wall of sneakers in a store, I have no concept of which ones will be the envy of the downtown set and which ones will be considered hideous even all the way up on the Upper West Side. I, my friends, do not possess "The Cool Sneaker Deciphering Gene".

Obviously though, "Cool Sneaker Deciphering" is very important to your child's future coolness quotient (in the future, coolness will be determined by an iPhone app only owned by the popular kids in school). So, if your kid is busy coloring Bertie The Bus in a Thomas & Friends Coloring Book, rip that one-way ticket to Loserville away and give them a "Coolness Quotient Headstart" with "The Sneaker Colouring Book" from Chronicle. See, it's so cool, I mistakenly spelled "coloring" with a "u" in it. (Brits are cool, I learned that from the app).

The Sneaker Coloring Book was created by a Berlin-based studio called PKNTS and it features 100 sneaker outlines based on actual kicks from 18 different brands, all in chronological order of production.

And every one of them, colored or not, is most definitely COOL. (I think).