Last Friday, we were all about the boys. Today's profiling is extra girlie. Next week is up for grabs. (If you are a blogger, feel free to use your answers to link back to your own posts). Get your babies in now, the slots are filling up fast.


  Hazel1Name: Hazel Xiu Qi O'Rourke

  Nickname: Hazy, Hazelbert, Bert

  Build: Long and lean

  Signature Style: Rocker Ts, bright
  colors, and all-stars

  Favorite Grub: Annie's Mac &

  Can't Live Without: An audience

  Pet Peeve: Parents not responding
  within .2 milliseconds to requests
  for "mah" (more) or "beeb" (remove
  my bib)

  Best Trick: Standing on toy trunk
  with arms up in 'Ta-da!' position

Future Career: Linebacker



DSC_0102  Name: Ella Rome

  Nickname: Ella Bella

  Build: Solid

  Fashion Statement: Tom boy
  clothes look cutest when you've
  got a bow in your hair

  Best Trick: Washing herself

Favorite Book: Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Food Philosophy: Eat like a Francophile— bread, fruit & cheese

Pet Peeve: Sharing toys

Future Career: Opera Singer



Picture 7  Name: Marley

  Nickname: Chubbabubba

  Build: See above

  Signature Style: Stretchy for
  max chub management

  Favorite Grub: Boobies

  Favorite Pastime: Boobies

  Pet Peeve: Covered boobies

  Best Trick: Keeping mommy up
  all night for boobies

  Future Career: Dairy farm owner



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