The last couple of weeks we kept the boys and girls separated like a Hasidic wedding reception. Today we're mixing it up again. If you'd like to submit your baby for profiling, do it now,  the slots fill up fast.


  Name: Amelie

  Nickname: Monkey

  Build: Russian Peasant

  Style Philosophy: Barbie
  Must Die

  Favorite Grub: Hummus &

  Can't Live Without: Showcasing
  her bellybutton to strangers

  Favorite Book: Anything that
  pops up

  Pet Peeve: Rain wear, rain gear,
  rain coverage

  Best Trick: Hugging her mom
  when she knows she's in trouble

Future Career: Photographer



Carson_crop  Name: Carson

  Nickname: Boo-Boo

  Alter Ego: Cranky Panky
  McSpanky Pants

  Build: Lean mean marine

  Signature Style: T-shirts
  offering maximum belly-
  raspberry blowing access

  Favorite Grub: Anything not
  nailed down 

  Pet Peeve: Sleeping

Can't Live Without: Girls to flirt with in the elevator and on the subway

Favorite Book (To Destroy): The Big Blue Book of Beginner Books

Best Trick: Literally jumping for joy like a madman when mom or dad gets home

Future Career: Pole Vaulter



26907_364949907509_605207509_3511517_5052032_n  Name: Gavin

  Nickname: Pookalicious

  Build: Tall, dark & handsome

  Signature Style: Cool to the core

  Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes

  Can't Live Without: Playing hoops

Pet Peeve: Being stuck in the stupid highchair after all the food is gone

Best Trick: Getting airborne from all fours

Future Career: Mayor


 If you would like to submit your baby for profiling please click here. (If you are a blogger, feel free to use your answers to link back to your own posts).