My baby girl is not "handsome." She is not a "cute little guy" and she is certainly not "a smart looking fellow". She is wearing a goddamn purple hat with a daisy on it. Short of raiding Suri's walk-in closet for a pair of shiny gold heels, how much more gender specific can a piece of clothing be? 

I know I'm not supposed to care about such things and in certain outfits I find the faux pas perfectly understandable. But when I make the effort to dress my baby girl in a pink halter with a ruffle around the neck or a lavender eyelet shirt with a cap sleeve, please passing stranger, refrain from asking me, "What's his name?" 

The only thing to which I can attribute this boy/girl confusion is her hair. It's short. But DUH- she's a baby! Show me a newborn that pops out of the womb fully coifed with a head of silky long locks like Kim Kardashian— not even Kim Kardashian has hair like Kim Kardashian- that shit is all extensions!

Update: I stand corrected– some babies do pop out of the womb with Kim Kardashian quality locks.

Truth be told, when I was little, my mom dressed me like a boy. I had a short bowl cut and wore blue and orange shirts with sailboats on them. I'd show you the pictures to prove it but I think I burned them. When confronted, my mom said that unisex was in back then. But I've since gotten her to admit that she dressed me like a boy so she wouldn't have to waste money buying all new clothes for her next child. She figured girls could easily dress like boys but it wouldn't work the other way around.  

Why the hell not? If I can wear navy blue pants with an embroidered tool belt around the waist, then why can't a boy wear floral pantaloons? 

Once I hit kindergarden, rebellion set in. I refused to wear anything but dresses. This dress code has stuck with me until present day. 

So, if history repeats itself, and I continue dressing Mazzy in ruffles and daisy prints, she will probably start dressing like Shiloh as soon as she can make her own decisions. But in the meantime, I am going to walk up to any baby with a picture of a truck on his onesie and say…

"She's so pretty!"