If you haven't already heard, I'm bringing in the New Year with a new writing gig at Babble's Toddler Times. I decided the interweb can never have enough Mazzy. Plus, it's my way of embracing the fact that she's not a baby anymore. I'm hoping we can keep this "toddler" moniker until at least senior prom.

If you'd like to check out my Babble introduction post from Tuesday, you can do so here. It talks about me, Mike and Mazzy, our toy-infested apartment in NYC and why I hate when people ask about my second baby plans.

That was my "get my feet wet" post.

My first REAL POST is today. (eek!)

It's called "What Do You Do When Your 2yo Knows How to Navigate YouTube?" and highlights Mazzy's increasing proficiency with smart devices, her evolving tastes in videos and me hurdling living room furniture in order to rip the iPad out of her hands before Bart Simpson murders Barney with a shot gun.