VSCOCorn and Fashion Panda. Those were Mazzy and Harlow’s Halloween costumes in 2019, which means costumes are officially out of my control. (You can read all about the origin of Fashion Panda here.) I love it though because, it’s creative, original and they can continue to wear the clothes for the rest of the year. I’m convinced that’s why Mazzy went the VSCO girl route. So, she had an excuse to buy the outfit under the guise of a costume.

I say this every year, but I will say it again: Halloween in NYC is awesome. It’s definitely different than walking house to house and ringing doorbells in the ‘burbs, but it’s got it’s own over-the-top Halloween charm. There are so many amazing costumes, decorated brownstones and candy everywhere. Plus, in the West Village, you are guaranteed at least one celebrity siting. This year, it was Alec Baldwin in a unicorn costume.

Plus, in the West Village, you are guaranteed at least one celebrity siting. This year, it was Alec Baldwin in a unicorn costume.

If Banana Laffy Taffy was last year’s candy, this year definitely belonged to NERDS.

I also love how my kids are now recognizing NYC Halloween traditions that happen every year— like stopping at the bank for candy first, walking through the haunted church on 5th ave, seeing all their friends on 11th St, and taking the subway home at night so we can go under the Halloween parade.

There are also always a few surprises. Like the people throwing candy from the crane thing into the middle of the street…

The house with the handmaids in the windows that said “praise be.”

And the graveyard with Trump, Guiliani and Flynn (among others) all with engraved tombstones.

But my absolute and the guy that gave jumbo-sized candy bars to anyone brave enough to sing a song into a microphone for the crowd. You had to stand on a pretty long line to get a turn and there was quite a crowd of kids and adults gathered around. Mazzy went up there and sang a song that I did not know, which I later found out was from the musical version of Heathers.

Then Harlow completely shocked me by getting up there too. I had no idea what she planned to sing. I thought maybe a song they learned at school. The man asked what song she was going to sing and she paused so long, I thought she was going to chicken out. Then she took a step down, leaned over to me and said, “What’s my favorite song?” At first I drew a blank, but then I realized where she was going with this. “Don’t Give Up on Me, by Andy Grammar!!!”

She stepped back up, took that microphone and sang. You can hear her in the IGTV video below, and I have to warm you. Her little voice in that big crowd made me cry. This was her first time singing solo for an audience and although you can’t see them in the video, there were at least 40 people gathered around! Get that Twix Harlow!!!


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NYC always has my heart, but on Halloween especially.


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