Halloween was over a week ago and the rest of the internet has moved on, but I feel like my “I know, I’m late” speech has almost become as much of a yearly tradition as my annual Halloween Costume Awards. This year, the big difference is— Mazzy helped me come up with the awards. She was looking over my shoulder while I was going through the pictures and was like— “Oh, that’s a cool costume! We should o that next year! Choose that one!” Then she sat with me and helped me come up with all the captions. She caught on quickly and came up with some really clever awards. So, maybe Mazzy being a guest judge will be my newest tradition.

Okay. Are you ready? As usual, your costumes were awesome. I tried my best to include as many as possible. Aladdin, the Addams Family and Stranger Things were the most popular costumes by far, so I had to pick and choose, but please know— ALL OF YOUR WEDNESDAYS WERE AWESOME.

Without further ado, here are the 2019 Mommy Shorts Costume Awards!

1) Best Mom Bun

2) Most Likely to Get Mauled by a Bunch of Moms on Black Friday

3) Best Broom

4) Most Likely to Melt by the End of the Night

5) Most Likely to Give you a Free Sample

6) Most Coordination Required

7) The Fashion Orca Award

8) Most Likely to Run on Dunkin’

9) Strangest Family in the Neighborhood

10) Most Likely to Make a Safe Landing

11) Most Likely to Clean Up Everyone’s Candy Wrappers

12) Most Likely to Chop Off Your Head

13) Most Likely to Trick or Treat on a Magic Carpet

14) Most Tragic

15) Most Likely to Get Eaten with Melted Butter

16) Most Likely to be Eaten By My Kids

17) Teacher’s Pet Award

18) Most Likely to Steal Your Presents

19) Most Likely to Burn Down Your House

20) Least Terrifying Lion

21) Most Likely to Watch Rocketman on Repeat

22) Best Odds at the Craps Table

23) Creepiest Clown Award

24) Most Likely to Walk into a Wall

25) Most Likely to Land on the Moon

26) Best Palindrome (Taco Cat)

27) Best Circus Act

28) Worst Finale

29) Most Likely to Pal Around with Ethel

30) Most Likely to Live in the ’90s

31) Most Excited for Frozen II

32) Most Likely to Work in a Chocolate Factory

33) Smallest Cowgirl

34) Biggest Storm

35) Bossiest Baby

36) Best Tribute to New York City

37) Greatest Show

38) Most influenced by Mom and Dad’s Music Taste

39) Most Likely to be Eaten with Salsa

40) Most Likely to Get Lost

41) Most Likely to be Traded

42) Most Likely to Run Competing Specials

43) Most Beloved Pet Tribute

44) Most Likely to Be Chosen by the Ocean

45) Smartest Aardvark Award

46) Most Likely to Kidnap Sandy Claws

47) Most Likely to Eat Your Porridge

48) Most Likely to Die for a Scrunchie

49) Most Random Costumes

50) The Rotten to the Core Award

51) Most Complete Toy Story Family

52) Most Likely to Hunt Some Ghosts

53) Most Likely to Get Sick of Each other by the End of the Night

54) Most Likely to Hoard the Reeses Pieces

55) Most Likely to Trade Candy for Human Flesh

56) Fiercest Female Award

57) Most Notorious

58) Most Tolkien

59) Most in Need of a Mystery Van

60) Most Likely to Fight Over the Prince

61) Most Likely to Win the Hunger Games

62) Best Spidey Sense

63) Most in Need of a Flex Capacitor

64) Most Likely to Follow a Trail of Bread Crumbs

65) Most Likely to Remix the Monster Mash

66) Most Likely to Start Crooning

67) Cutest Peach

68) Best ’90s Throwback

69) Best Use of a Dog

70) Best Make-Up

71) Most Effective Backdrop

72) Most Likely to Take the Wrong Way to Grandma’s

73) Greeeeeatest Tribute to a Cereal Tiger

74) Smallest Student at Hogwarts

75) Most Likely to Employ Logic When Trading Candy

76) Eeriest Mombie

77) Most in Need of Water

78) Most Likely to Look for More Candy Tomorrow

79) Best Homemade Transformer

80) Most Likely to Lose their Kids in a Crowd

81) Cutest Dog

82) Most Curious

83) Most Likely to Never Say a Word (Maggie Simpson)

84) Most Likely to scare the Shit Out of You in Your Own Kitchen

85) Most Presidential

Thank you all for submitting your photos! Halloween is my favorite holiday and part of that is seeing all the creative costumes both you and your kids come up with. Until next year!