One thing I love about Mazzy is that she always uses Halloween as an excuse to dress up as a total badass. Last year, she was a “forest warrior,” who I know is the female version of Robin Hood, but she has no familiarity with that association and wouldn’t think of it as “the female version” of anything. Which is totally cool with me.

The year before she was Mal from Descendants who is as badass as they come. So badass that Mazzy was Mal the previous year as well. Old habits die hard.

That same summer, when her camp had Halloween in July, Mazzy opted to be Rei from Star Wars, and pulled off her three bun look perfectly.

It’s funny now to think about how I dressed Mazzy before she started choosing her own costumes. She was sushi, Corduroy, Peppa Pig and Tinkerbell. These were the same years that Mazzy wore nothing but pink dresses.

Then in 2014, there was a shift. Mazzy was slated to be the flower girl in her cousin’s wedding. A few days after I told her, I realized that she thought “Flower Girl” was a superhero like Batman or Super Girl. She’d run around yelling “I’m Flower Girl! I will shoot you with water and you will grow flowers!” Eventually, I had to break it to her that the flower girl wore a dress instead of a cape, and her responsibility was not beautifying the planet, but walking down an aisle. Thankfully, Mazzy took that responsibility just as seriously. That entire year (before and after the wedding), every time her friends would play super heroes, Mazzy brought out her Flower Girl alter ego. So, when it came time for Halloween, I knew there was only one thing I could do— create an actual Flower Girl superhero costume.

Flower Girl. The Original Female Badass.

Which proves, that Mazzy has always been a badass of her own making.


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