Mazzy and Harlow typically decide on their Halloween costumes together. One year, they were Joy and Disgust from Inside Out. And then, last year they were Mal and Evie from Descendants. This year, they originally wanted to be two characters from Disney Zombies but then when we went shopping for costumes (the first time I have taken them with me), they changed course.

Harlow decided she wanted to go as Harley Quinn. At first, I wasn’t on board because I thought it was an inappropriate costume (she has not seen Suicide Squad), but then she told me that Harley Quinn is now part of DC Superhero Girls which made more sense. I agreed to get her the costume. She also told me she’s really excited to chase Luke with a mallet, which apparently, is Harley Quinn’s crime fighting weapon of choice. She made sure I was getting the mallet (an added accessory) at least ten times and reiterated her Luke chasing intentions.

Mazzy got excited about a costume that was basically the girl version of Robinhood because she is really excited to carry around a bow and arrow.

So I guess, we’ve got a Girl Warrior theme going. Watch out NYC.

I assume there are many girls out there like mine, who would rather be a warrior than a princess on Halloween. I made a list of kickass girl costumes to help your daughters out. Mazzy’s Rey costume (pictured up top) would fit right in.

32 Kickass Girl Costumes

1) Rosie the Riveter

source: Costume Works

2) Mulan

source: Pinterest

3) Old Wonder Woman

source: Costume Works

4) New Wonder Woman

source: Geek Tyrant News

5) Judy Hopps

source: Pinterest

6) Hermoine Granger

source: Pinterest

7) Moana

source: Costume Works

8) Ruth Bader Ginsberg

source: HuffPost

9) Rockford Peaches

source: Etsy

10) Wasp from the Avengers

source: Craftster

11) Merida from Brave

source: Aktuelle Deko Trends

12) Princess Leia

source: Buggy and Buddy

13) Starfire from Teen Titans Go

source: Pinterest

14) Misty Copeland

source: Pinterest

15) Violet Incredible

source: Jason Martin

16) Super Girl

source: Jason Martin

17) Sabine from Star Wars Rebels

source: Pinterest

18) Joan of Arc

source: Pinterest

19) Shuri from Black Panther

source: Shop Disney

20) Edna Mode

source: Brit + Co

21) Mal

source: Mommy Shorts

22) Frida Kahlo

source: Pinterest

23) Amelia Earhart

source: Coolest Parties

24) Wednesday Addams

source: Mommy Shorts

25) Sacagawea

source: Pinterest

26) Cleopatra

source: Costume Pop

27) Eleven from Stranger Things

source: Buzzfeed

28) Statue of Liberty

source: Pinterest

29) Daenerys Targaryen

source: Pinterest

30) Hilary Clinton

source: Costume Works

31) Jane Gooddall

source: The Mod Chik