This post is sponsored by Hair Biology but all opinions are my own.

Remember when I first started writing my blog, as a young mom with a newborn baby girl? Well, something crazy happened and now you are reading the words of a 46 year-old with a tweenager. WHERE DID THE TIME GO??? Back then, I was writing about baby carriers and pacifiers and now, here I am, in the “Older Mom Blogger Category” answering emails about incontinence products, menopause drugs and grey hair treatments.

That last email though, from a new line of haircare products called Hair Biology, I read all the way through because it talked about aging hair issues beyond just going grey— like change in texture, thinning, dullness, and breakage. I’ve been lucky that I do not have a lot of grey hair yet, but I do have a texture issue. I still have A LOT of hair, but over the years, it has gotten increasingly brittle and dull. The few grey hairs that do pop up on my crown, come in curly and break off after one or two inches, creating what I call— my granny halo.

I also have a layer of frizzy, over processed hair that needs to be flat ironed or else I cannot present myself to the world. Even if my world is a Zoom conference call at my kitchen table. I know. I’m 46. I should have enough confidence to sit in my own home during a pandemic with however my hair dries naturally, but that’s just not who I am. As my face gets older, I actually find that I place even more importance on how my hair looks. To put it simply— my face feels like less of a mess when my hair looks clean, shiny and styled.

So, I decided to give Hair Biology a shot. Which, they told me, addresses aging hair issues but is used by women of every age, so I should not feel like a grandma for using it. Although, I realize that I have tons of anti-aging skincare products, so I don’t know why I hadn’t considered hair products that addressed aging yet. I am all for preventative measures.

I chose the volumizing collection which contains biotin, an ingredient known to improve the body’s keratin infrastructure and support strong, healthy hair growth. The collection is also free of parabens and dyes. The volumizing shampoo and conditioner both worked great. Hair Biology claims that the shampoo weightlessly cleanses while the conditioner brings back fullness and softness, which seems accurate based on my experience. But I think the real place that I noticed a major difference was the products I used after my shower— the thickening treatment and the argan oil taming serum.

I tried the thickening treatment first, which Hair Biology says will give you a noticeable difference after one use, as well as progressively thicken your hair over time. You apply it pretty generously to the top of your head at the root and massage it onto your scalp. I should also say that I am not a huge fan of leave-in hair products because my hair gets greasy easily, so I was very skeptical when I tried it. But, after just one use, I noticed more volume, fuller hair and less frizz at my crown, without it feeling like there was anything in it or weighing it down.

The next day I tried the Argan Oil Taming Serum which is Hair Biology’s version of argan oil. I’ve used different oils in the past and although I like what it does to the texture, I find they make my hair pretty greasy. If not on the first day after a shower, then definitely by Day Number 2. Hair Biology instructs you to only use the serum on the bottom half of your hair which helps. So, I decided to put the thickening treatment on the top and the serum on the bottom.


I got everything I like about argan oil on the bottom with the greaseless volumizing magic of the thickening agent on the top. Not only did it look good the first day, I found that three days later, my hair had a nice texture without being too oily. I actually looked in the mirror and thought— do I need to wash it today??? When normally, skipping even a day is a problem.

Anyway, I am Hair Biology convert. I don’t know why I never thought to use two different products on the top and bottom of my hair. The combo really works for me. It even inspired me to curl my hair for the first time since MARCH.

You should have seen the amount of hair flips and head shakes I did to capture these selfies. It was like every movie scene where the librarian takes off her glasses and lets her hair down, except instead of all the men turning to stare at me, it was just Mike who was like, “Are you done taking pictures of yourself? I need to use the bathroom.”

In conclusion, I’m very happy I answered the Hair Biology email. Bottom line— by using a haircare line meant for older women, my hair actually feels younger. WHO KNEW???

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