Last Halloween, I noticed something when I started the inevitable post trick-or-treating Instagram scroll— parents have really stepped up their game. Just a few short years ago, we were all posting haphazard pics of our kids in store bought costumes standing in front of the garage door. Two snaps and we called it a day, smiles be damned.

Now, parents not only come up with kickass costume ideas, they can EXECUTE. They know how to get everyone to stand still for a photo. They’ve got their backdrops down. They won’t stop until every expression is JUST RIGHT.

And the kids? They don’t just wear their costumes, they COMMIT to their character.

Here’s a whole bunch kids that absolutely killed it on Halloween:

Mazzy and Harlow as Mal and Evie:

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Audrey and Marilyn from @kcstauffer:

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These girls as Eleanor Roosevelt and Margaret Thatcher:

This baby as John Snow:

Sydney as a Spiderweb from @2sisters_angie:

These girls as the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus:

Minne and Daisy from @karlareed:

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The Devil from @whirlybirdwhitney:

These kids as Dustin and Eleven from Stranger Things:

Circus performers from @bonjourmoon:

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These kids as characters from A League of Our Own:

The World’s Strongest Man from @glitterandsweatpants:

Harlow as Anna Wintour:


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Iris Apafel from @anjelikatemple:


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These kids as the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter:

80’s Workout Girls from @kcstauffer:

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Belle and the Beast from @livesweetphotography:

This kid as the old man from Up:

Hidden Figures from @zellieimani:

Minion from @somethingnavy:

Circus performers from @nph:

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This girl as Coraline:

Crazy Cat lady from @livesweetphotography:

Harlow as Audrey Hepburn:


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These girls as the twins from the Shining:

The Newsies from @kristinrogers:

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Chuckie Doll from @allieroyall:

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Revolutionary Soldier from @northwestmommy:

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This kid as Abe Lincoln:

Poppy from @etst:

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These kids as the Beastie Boys:

Richard Simmons from @dearestdaughter:

Marilyn Monroe from @hannahacarpenter:

These kids as the Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf:

This baby as a Senior Citizen:

These girls from Madeleine:

This kid as the Joker:

This kid as Dwight Schrute:

This girl as an In-N-Out Worker:

These kids from Thriller:

These kids as Daddy Warbucks and Annie:

These kids from Beetlejuice:

This girl as Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters:

These kids from Star Wars:

This girl as the main character from her favorite book “Stripes”:

This kid as a safety sign:

These kids as the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who

These girls as Cruella DeVille and the Evil Queen:

These kids as KISS:

These kids at the best ’80s Prom Ever:

And finally, Harlow as Wednesday Addams, which she dressed up as for a photo shoot last week:

I always knew her killer glare would come in handy for something.

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