This month, I launched a photo contest called “The World is Messy” in partnership with Full Circle. I asked you guys to submit the messiest photos of your kids for a chance to win one of four $250 Target gift cards and Full Circle prize packs.

If you’re not familiar with Full Circle, they use environmentally friendly materials, like recycled plastics and bamboo, to make home care products like bottle brushes, dish towels, sponges, dust pans, reusable snack bags, and compost bins. You know, all the things that might come in handy if say… your kid got into a box of pancake batter and spread it all over your living room.

The contest is not over yet (you can still submit your entry by October 16th!) but I thought I would share some of my favorite entries so far, which contains some pretty hard evidence of what can happen when you think the kids are playing nicely and quietly in the other room.

They might be napping or innocently flipping through a picture book, but more likely they are…

1) Unearthing the contents of a peanut butter jar onto your couch

2) Slathering each other in diaper cream

3) Making an omelette on the floor

4) Moisturizing a basketball

5) Finding out exactly what happens when they break a bean bag chair

6) Dumping all 150 fizzies into the tub

7) Spilling the coffee you forgot to drink all over the bathroom

8) Getting up for a midnight snack of K-cups and clementines

9) Watching TV with a bag of flour

10) Using pudding as a face mask

11) Dumping out a box of cereal to get to the prize

12) Using butt cream on the opposite end

13) Leaving a literal trail of destruction

14) Building a structure called “Tiny Toy Mountain”

15) Conducting a kitchen floor science experiment that ends in a bath

16) Taste testing paint

17) Practicing a new avant garde method of lipstick application

18) Splashing in a puddle of soy sauce

19) Wrecking the closet

20) Turning themselves into human stamps with the help of an ink pad

21) Giving the outdoor furniture a makeover

22) Designing one-of-a-kind wallpaper

23) Covering themselves in cocoa powder

24) Seeing how far a tube of mascara can go

25) Turning your house into one big ball pit

26) Testing out the long lasting claims on a tube of lip stain

27) Burying themselves in the yard

28) Practicing her autograph on the furniture

29) Making a new floor covering out of rainbow sprinkles

30) Crushing Cheetos into the white shag carpet

31) Jumping feet first into the garden

32) Taking her Elsa transformation a bit too far

33) Diving into a bag of potato chips

34) Experimenting with ice cream shampoo

35) Testing the washability of a washable marker (and scaring the crap out of her mother in the process)

If you have a messy picture of your kid that you think could be a contender, post it on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Page or on Instagram using the hashtag #theworldismessy and tagging @averageparentproblems and @fullcirclehomellc. You must be following us both on Instagram to win. All throughout October, I’ll be sharing some of the best entries on my @averageparentproblems Instagram story and you’ll get to vote on the winners!

There will be four winners who each walk away with a $250 Target gift card and a Full Circle prize pack that includes all of the items pictured below:

Good luck and remember: if your kids are being a little too quiet in the other room, it’s probably best to go investigate with both a sponge and a camera in hand!