Picture 24If you post regularly on Mommy Shorts, I know who you are. I look forward to your comments and am happy to see that several days, weeks or months later you are still with me. One person that has been with me since the beginning is Kate, writer of the hilarious blog— And Then Kate. For a taste of Kate's deliciously dry sense of humor, check out her post about being a *gasp* MALL WALKER called "Laugh If You Want But I Can Recite Every Single Sale Poster Backwards".

Normally, I look forward to Kate's comments like a look forward to new episodes of Top Chef. Which is to say— A LOT. She is the kind of person that can appreciate a quality spousal bashing or a story about a baby deathtrap disguised as a vacation home— my usual blog fodder. But last week, I published "Mazzy, My Valentine"— an uncharacteristically mushy post about my eternal love for my child.  When I saw that Kate came by to comment, I thought— Oh dear god, the friendship is over. She will never be back again.

But then she had this to say:

"I will let this post slide, seeing as I am also a mother and given to (very) rare moments of sentimentality. In fact, I may or may not have kissed my own daughter 105 times this morning and made (unsuccessfully) a heart-shaped egg for her before preschool. WE SHALL NOT SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN."

To which I thought— a heart-shaped egg?? What a LOSER!