In a move that surprised absolutely NO ONE, Mazzy and Harlow are going as Mal and Evie from the Descendants this Halloween. Oh excuse me, Mazzy has just corrected me for the 16th time today. She will not be going as Mal from Descendants. That was her costume LAST YEAR. She will be going as Mal from Descendants Two.

I think it’s safe to say they are both totally pulling off their costumes.

Two things to note:

1) Harlow didn’t want to go as streetwear Evie, which is the store bought costume. She wanted to go as Cotillion Ball Evie, which is when Evie wears a gown in the final scene. So I bought her the Evie wig and a royal blue flower girl dress which (yay!!!) was way cheaper and actually fit. After much begging, I also bought her the Evie heart purse, but now she claims it is “too special” to take out of the house, even for Halloween, so it is NOT pictured.

2) When Mazzy told me she wanted a new Mal costume because the Descendants Two costume was not the same as the one she wore last year, I gave her a very definitive “NO, THAT’S RIDICULOUS.” Then Mike and I went out of town for our 10th anniversary and came back to, “LOOK WHAT GRAMMY GOT ME!!!!!!!!” Well played, Mazzy.

The main difference? BANGS.

Yes, I’m aware that Mazzy looks 25 in the above photo. It’s a little scary.

In the photo below, Harlow might looked pissed, but that’s just her “Chillin’ Like a Villain” face, coupled with her “Rotten to the Core” pose.

Also, fun to note that the places in our neighborhood that I normally avoid for photo backdrops are spot-on representations of the Isle of the Lost. Mazzy was like, “Hey, Mom! Let’s take a picture on that dirty staircase in front of the garbage cans and scaffolding!” And I was like, “Yes! That’s perfect!”

(FYI, we did not plan to recreate the photo below. I just found it now as I was writing this post. Either Mazzy and Harlow scoped this out beforehand without telling me or we just happen to live in an area that resembles a place where you would exile criminals and villains.)

Then they spotted a restaurant a couple of doors down that makes it look like they successfully made the transition to Auradon Prep.

(My apologies if you haven’t seen Descendants One or Descendants Two and are not getting these references at all.)

Normally, I take about 5000 pictures to get one good one. But on this day? In every single photo, Mazzy and Harlow were both in character, standing still and posing like it was a competition.

Not a dud in the bunch. That has never happened before.

The real trick will be tonight when I try to get them to pose with me. I’ve got both the Malificent horns (Mal’s mom) and the Evil Queen crown (Evie’s mom). Let’s see what I can pull off!


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