I’ve seen the #boymom hashtag all over social media. I’ve laughed at funny memes about grass stains and wrestling matches that are basically guaranteed to end in major injury. But I’ve often wondered—is being a mom to boys really that different from parenting girls?

From the outside, raising boys and girls doesn’t seem that different—we’re all dealing with endless Minecraft recaps (in my case, Roblox), annoying toys, and grimy fingers on every surface, right?

“Don’t fool yourselves, my girls are rowdy and make poop jokes too,” I often tell my boy mom friends. In fact, just tonight I created a new rule that whoever uses a bathroom word when they are not in the bathroom, has to go stand in the bathroom until I tell them they can come out. Harlow spent half the night in there.

But, according to this video collab between MyLifeSuckers and Hashtaglifewithboys, boy moms might have it a little rougher in certain areas than I thought. Peeing on the floor? Drinking straight from the milk carton? Constant fart noises?

Yeesh. Me and my girls are definitely not down with that.

We’ll see how things go as the kids get older though. Based on my preliminary research of every person I pass on the street, my girls are gonna give me hella problems when they reach the teen years.

I’m betting I call a boy mom for a trade in about 3-5 years.

Do you have boys? Girls? Both? Not to generalize or anything, but how would you explain the difference?