When we were vacationing in Williamsburg Virginia, I asked Mazzy and Harlow where they would like to travel next. They were unanimous. The answer was, “Coney Island.” They had heard about this magical place from friends but had no idea where it was located.

“Well, we can make that happen pretty easily,” I told them. “You can get there on the subway.”

“The regular subway??????” They were incredulous.

“Yep. It’s the very last stop on the Q train; just one hour away from our apartment.”

Just a few weeks later, after school ended, I took them for a day trip. I brought Allie along so we could film an episode of “Mommy Shorts in the City.” We had the best time ever.

Then, before I had the chance to edit together a video, I erased the majority of the footage by accident. I broke the bad news to Mazzy and Harlow.

“Guys. I have bad news. I erased all the video of our trip to Coney Island.”

“Oh nooooooo!!!!!!”

“But the good news is… we get to go AGAIN!”


You see? Getting to Coney Island is really that easy. If you notice the kids looking ever so slightly different in a few of the videos (for instance, Mazzy’s hair is down and then magically in a ponytail a second later), it’s because I blended both trips.

In addition to sharing the joy that is Mazzy and Harlow riding the Wonder Wheel and eating cotton candy taller than themselves, I also did a little bit of research so I could teach you all some facts as well. For instance, did you know the Wonder Wheel was one hot dog vendor’s idea of an engagement present?


If you want to read the blog post that I was referencing in the video about the kiddie ride that almost killed me, you can find it here.

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