After lots of hemming and hawing, my husband and I, ultimately, didn't send out holiday cards this year. We've never sent holiday cards out in the past and having a baby didn't throw us over the edge into normal holiday behavior like I expected. Maybe next year will be our year.

This year, in lieu of our own card, I present to you this Christmas video card from the Schusters. Who are the Schusters? I have no fucking clue. But Happy Holidays!!!

I was going to end there but then I saw this video holiday card from The Fosters (from Melancholy Smile). If there was a note attached to this video, it would say:

Dear Schusters,

We didn't mean to put your low budget video holiday card to shame with our fancy camera tricks, our attractive family members, and our movie business worthy prop styling. But we did. We TOTALLY did.

Merry Christmas!

Love, The Fosters

Here Comes Santa Claus – A Christmas Video Greeting from Jared Foster on Vimeo.

Editor's Note: I am fully aware that pitting two family holiday video cards against each other is a very un-holiday-like thing to do. I suck at the holidays. I will work on it.