When it comes to potty training, every parent has a different way to approach it. Some swear by incentives like stickers, others let their kids roam naked in the yard while drinking unlimited glasses of juice until nature takes its course, while a brave few just switch their toddlers to big-kid underwear and hope for the best.

One dad, the hilarious father of two who goes by La Guardia Cross, has shared his potty training method on YouTube, and it might be the most spot-on reenactment of what actually goes down that I have ever seen.

He explains, “This is the most honest 22 step process I can give you to potty train a toddler. It’s not based on what’s most effective; it’s based on exactly what my wife and I did.” Which makes sense, because for all the research and preparation parents do, don’t we all end up tossing our plans out the window and just making it up as we go along?

On the plus side, Cross claims this process worked on his daughter Amalah in just four days, so you might consider trying his method for real! What have you got to lose?

I mean, besides your dry couch.

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