If you haven’t already seen the contents of my August swag bag (I announced them on on Facebook yesterday as part of my Thursday Morning Live, which is now officially every Thursday at 11am ET), you can watch here. Or you can forgo the video version and just scan the contents below. FYI, I was extra nervous during the LIVE because both Mazzy and Harlow were home and I was afraid they would barge in (or start banging on my locked bedroom door) at any moment.

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1) Wing Mama Leather Bomber Jacket

This real leather jacket is the official jacket of Red Baron pizza’s new baroness spokesmom. If you look closely, you’ll see the patches say things like, “Mom has Spoken,” “Tantrum Slayer,” and my favorite, “Deal with it.” As pointed out on Facebook, if you are not the kind of person who would wear a jacket like this in public, it makes for a kickass Halloween costume. You would be going as a mom whose kids actually listen to her.

2) My Family Builders

My Family Builders is a toy that helps kids embrace diversity and is currently Mazzy and Harlow’s latest obsession. They have been playing with it constantly since it arrived earlier this week. It has mix and match wooden magnets (heads, middles, legs and pets) that help create over 6,800 possible combinations of characters and families, making it easy for your child to put together a combination similar to his/her own family and shows your kids just how endless the possibilities for modern families actually are today.

3) TLC Onesie, Bib and Changing Pad

This is some swag sent to me from TLC to promote their reality show OutDaughtered. I’m happy to say, I’ve got no use for changing pads and bibs anymore!

4) I Love Nice People Kid’s T-Shirt (Size 8) and Tiny Planter

I Love Nice People is a non-profit started by two college students whose mission is to “spread happiness with the simple act of being nice.” You can visit their site to see which organizations they support. They include UGA Heros, an organization that helps kids with or affected by HIV and AIDS in the Georgia area and is a passion project for my college intern, Annie. I’m all about supporting the future of our country trying to help people and do good things.

5) Black + Decker Powered Floor Sweeper

Who doesn’t need a new lithium powered floor sweeper??? Me. We’ve got our vacuum options covered. More for you guys!

6) Tubby Table

You know how your kid plays with his toys on the edge of the tub, creating a big puddle of water on the bathroom floor? The tubby table has a suction cup leg so that it sits in the middle of the tub, creating a new playspace surface that won’t result in more clean-up for you. Woohoo!

In addition to all the swag listed above, I always add a whole bunch of random items that just happen to be piled up in my office. Like Babiators, Extra gum and who knows what else. If you win, you’ll get a few surprises along with everything listed above.

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Good luck and have a great weekend!


Congratulationst to Kacy Lawrence! Please email allie@mommyshorts.com to claim your prize!