Some parents like packing lunches. They see it as a way to send their kids off to school with a little extra love and comfort from home. Other parents find it to be an annoying task that reminds us of how simple life used to be before taking care of someone other than ourselves became a priority. They pack their lunches late at night, shortly after getting into bed, bolting upright and shouting at the ceiling, “Oh no! I forgot to pack Mazzy and Harlow’s lunch!”

Also, why are my kids eating protein-packed sandwiches and baggies of cut vegetables while I’m busy foraging the bottom of the snack drawer at lunch time???? Yesterday, I ate a handful of pistachios and a bag of chips for lunch. I really need to start packing myself a lunch.

Whatever kind of parent you might be, however strapped for time and sanity you are, sticking a note in your kid’s lunchbox is pretty easy thing to do, which makes a huge impression on your kids. It can be used to express love, motivate academically, encourage healthy eating, or remind your kid that she’s got soccer after school and that’s why you had to say “no” to the playdate so please stop blaming me, OKAY???

Here are 18 types of moms and the lunchbox notes I imagine they might send, plus one more chance to win a $250 Amex gift card from Mini Babybel:

1) The super positive mom

2) The overly dramatic mom

3) The doctor mom

4) The hot mess mom

5) The cool mom

6) The Yoga mom

7) The connected mom

8) The Social Influencer mom

9) the environmentalist mom

10) The basic mom

11) The people-pleaser mom

12) The exhausted mom:

13) The wannabe Pinterest mom:

14) The socially awkward mom:

15) The lazy mom:

16) The germaphobe mom

17) The fashion conscious mom:

18) The poetic mom

No matter what kind of note you send or lunch you pack, there’s always a place for Mini Babybel in your kid’s lunchbox.

Mini Babybel is 100% real cheese, perfectly portioned, a good source of protein and calcium and comes in super fun wax packaging that never fails to get my kids excited. It’s the second thing they look for after my note.


Today, I am giving away a $250 Amex gift card + a selection of Mini Babybel cheese to pack in your kid’s lunchbox. Just subscribe to the Mommy Shorts newsletter (if you aren’t already subscribed) and leave a comment below telling me which type of parent you are and what your note would say!

I’ll pick my favorite response as the winner which will be announced on September 6th!


Congratulations to Ashlee Towery! Please email to claim your prize!