Over the past four years that we’ve been working together, I can’t tell you how many times Cara has told me that I never do anything for myself.

“Well, work is something I enjoy and spending time with the kids is for myself.”

“No, I mean like work out, take a walk, do your nails, get a massage, go shopping…”

“Oh,” I’d say. “Those things are just not priority for me.”

She’d argue that spending time on yourself was important and I’d say that she doesn’t have kids so she really doesn’t understand what time suckers they are. Any time I’m not at work, I want to spend that time with them. Well, that’s not true exactly. It’s also that I feel I should spend that time with them.

When I started working out, it really began because it was a way to become better friends with a mom at Mazzy’s school that I liked and because I was interested in switching up my blog content. Maybe a fitness series would be interesting to people? I also like a challenge, but wasn’t really expecting my priorities to change.

But that’s what happened. I enjoy it and I am seeing positive results. Even Mike commented on how different I look the other day. He never notices anything.

One of the great things I’ve noticed about working out is that once you start to feel pretty good about one aspect of your well being, you start to focus on other things as well. Clothes are interesting to me again. I tried something new with my hair this summer. I’m making an effort to drink more water. I’ve added steps to my skin care regimen. I bought a new bathing suit.

I didn’t really set out on this path intentionally. It just sort of snowballs when you start to put a teensy bit of the energy that you put towards your kids back towards yourself.

If FabFitFun had reached out to me last year to write about their seasonal subscription box, I don’t know that I would have said yes. It wouldn’t have been a good fit and it would have felt funny for me to talk about. But this year when Cara called to tell me about the opportunity, I jumped at it.

FabFitFun comes out with a box four times a year, filled with full-size fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle products essential for the season. Inside each box, you’ll find a newspaper with health and beauty articles that pertain to all the products inside.

For instance, in this year’s Summer Box, which has a travel theme, you’ll find an “On the Road Again” passport holder and “Hands Off” luggage tag along with an article on “How to have a Stress-free Vacation.” You’ll find a Ruana from Michael Stars (that’s the black and white scarf looking thing) along with instructions of three different ways to wear it.

An interview with a dermatologist entitled “Protect Your Skin this Summer” is complimented by Avene Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 50. Klorane Dry Shampoo, Soothing Eye Concentrate from Juice Beauty and Cargo Picture Perfect Highlighter accompany an article on “Beauty Routines for the Road.”

There’s also a glass water bottle from BKR with a list of the 50 Benefits of Water. Do you know that it prevents tooth decay? And a Kris Nations Mystic Gemstone Bar Necklace with a handy guide of what healing properties they are rumored to promote. For instance, Turquoise provides balance while Howlite enhances calmness.

It’s kind of like getting a beauty magazine but instead of folding down the corner and pretending that you were going to purchase the recommended self tanner or anti-wrinkle cream at some later date, it’s all right there for you to try out on the spot.

Pretty cool, if you ask me. I’m already excited for fall essentials. Maybe there’s a gemstone that lessens back to school anxiety or a moisturizer that will pack lunches and buy Mazzy and Harlow’s school supplies.

Oh wait, I’m talking about the kids again. I’m pretty confident that every FabFitFun box will have products in it for me alone.

Each FabFitFun box retails for $49.99 but has a value of over $200. A seasonal subscription of four boxes is $179.99 but you can also buy them stand alone. Use coupon code “SHORTS10” for $10 off your first box!

This blog post was sponsored by FabFitFun but all thoughts and opinions are my own. #fabfitfunpartner