This week began with Mazzy's first Halloween and is about to end with us all taking our first family road trip to DC. Halloween was a huge success (Mazzy worked it as a piece of sushi) but the road trip has the potential to be a big fat disaster. We leave at 1pm. If anybody has any advice on how to entertain a ten-month-old for five hours in a car, I am all ears.

What else happened in the week that my childhood goldfish finally got her dream house?

• I had an out-of-body experience where I sewed something by hand

• I pitted Mazzy against her friends in the Baby Costume Awards

• I mourned my purse while coveting a diaper bag

• Mazzy was kicked out of Baby Genius Playgroup for shoving a fistful of leaves in her mouth

• We were driven to the edge by a keepsake quilt

• We cried it out after losing our shirt to a baby

• There was a diaper emergency

• I made everyone nauseous with my Mom's matzah story

• We subbed out vodka for wine on the parenting pie chart

I gave the finger to the Golden Arches

• Plus lots more parental tweets, funny baby videos, and unique baby gift ideas

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