Harlow has been asking for Mommy/Harlow time ever since I took Mazzy to Paris, so this weekend when Mike took Mazzy upstate to visit his college buddies presented the perfect opportunity.

What do Harlow and I do best together?

We eat breakfast.

What I love about going out for breakfast with Harlow (besides the guaranteed heaping plate of pancakes that I’ll have to help her finish) is that her ridiculous banter, penchant for chair dancing and wide array of facial expressions make for an incredibly entertaining dining companion.

Without further ado, I present…

I’d also like to note that Harlow is not entertaining me alone. Typically, every other patron in the restaurant is aware of Harlow’s presence by the time I ask for the check. Whether that makes them run home to make a baby or call their gyno to refill their birth control is anybody’s guess.

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