Since the swag bag this month is sponsored by Serta, we kept all the item’s bedtime-related. You might have already seen the contents of my swag bag when I announced them on my Thursday Morning Live on Facebook  yesterday. If not, you can watch here.

I’ve done Thursday Morning Live at 11am EST for five weeks in a row now. FIVE! Can you believe it? You can watch, say hi, sak questions, offer advice on styling Mazzy’s hair and tell me my kids aren’t going to have nightmares forever just because a babysitter showed them Coraline the other night. It’s a good time!

But back to the swag bag… as part of Serta’s “Declare Peace in Your Bedroom” campaign, which aims to combat growing levels of societal stress by encouraging people to get a good night’s sleep, I finally decorated my master bedroom at the summer house to turn it into a place I actually enjoyed spending time. This included finally getting a bed frame and bedding for my Serta iComfort mattress, which I am also giving away in the swag bag below!

Well, a Queen-sized mattress won’t fit in a bag, but you get the idea.

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The July Swag bag:

1) Serta iComfort Queen-sized Mattress

Serta’s iComfort Memory Foam Sleep System features new TempActiv™ temperature management technology that helps comfortably cool while supporting every curve of your body. I’ll even throw in this Serta Sleep Sheep to keep you company!

2) SleepToGo Luxury Fleece Blanket

This Queen-sized blanket from Serta is large, super soft and exactly the sort of thing that Harlow will steal and add to her growing blankie collection that she must sleep with every night. It’s currently hiding in a closet.

3) Two Serta Freestyle Pillows

These pillows are also from the Serta iComfort collection and use Gel Memory Foam to support and cool while you sleep. I’m including one for you and one for whoever that special someone is that sleeps next to you. Even if that special someone is a kid you really wish would go back to their own bed.

4) Roberta Roller Rabbit Pajamas

This button-down pajama set from Roberta Roller Rabbit is my favorite style to sleep in. That is, when I’m not wearing a ratty old t-shirt with my maternity leggings. Yes, I still wear those. Speaking from experience, they only get better and softer with every wash.

5) C.O. Bigelow Lavender Products

C.O. Bigelow is a famous high end apothecary in Manhattan which also sells their beautifully designed products at Bath and Body Works. This swag includes their Lavender body wash, lotion, salve, essential oil, as well as a lavender and peppermint candle, since lavender is believed to be a sleep aid. They say applying lavender essential oil to the balls of your feet before bed will encourage your body to relax and drift to sleep. I have also included their rosewater spray and overnight lip balm.

6) Cat Eye Mask

This cat eye mask is just super adorable and if your the kind of person that needs to a little shut-eye help, this might just do the trick.

7) Sleep Revolution, My Book & More!

This swag bag will include Sleep Revolution by Ariana Huffington and, as always, a signed copy of The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting (still 5 stars on Amazon)! The perfect gift for any sleep deprived parents or sleep deprived parents-to-be that you know.

In addition to all the swag listed above, I always add a whole bunch of random items that I just happen to have a surplus of in the office. Like Babiators, Extra gum and who knows what else. If you win, you’ll get a few surprises along with everything listed above.

Once again, the instructions to enter to win this month’s swag bag will be in my newsletter this Sunday night (Sorry, U.S. only!). If you are not already a subscriber, you can subscribe here.

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Good luck and have a great weekend!


Congratulations to Erin Cassano! Please email to claim your prize!