It’s my first full week out at the summer house. Despite the lack of a gym (I looked into the one by me and it’s crazy expensive), I am attempting to stick to my new workout schedule of one hour/three days a week, like I was doing with Jennifer Nyp from Zen Girl Fitness back in the city.

So far, so good. I went for a run with Mazzy on Monday. She runs like Phoebe from Friends but at least she was an enthusiastic workout buddy. I ran circles around her so she wound’t lag behind and I think she was genuinely surprised that I was faster than her. We ran to a pier in the neighborhood and then we did exercises on a bench once we got there. We just kind of made them up as we went along, which Mazzy thought was really fun. She made up some of her own exercises too, which was adorable more than effective, I’m guessing.

I tried my best to incorporate things I had learned from Jennifer, but I think I need her to write a post on “10 Exercises You Can Do on a Bench” so that I can make sure I am actually accomplishing anything. Both Mazzy and I were super tired at the end of it, so I hope that counts for something.

Yesterday, since Mike is here for the holidays, we both drove the kids to camp and then I ran home. It took about 25 minutes (in the blazing heat, mind you, with lots of leaps over road kill *gag*) and then once I got home, I did the foam roller exercises from last week, which really feels so much more effective than doing them on the mat alone.

This week, Jennifer is going to tell us what the hell to do with a VERSA-LOOP, which she says is awesome because it’s great for your butt muscles and gives your whole body balance. Plus, you can take it anywhere. “In our daily life, we are always sitting hunched over all of our various technology devices. This will bring more balance to your body. It will also make your butt perky again and let’s face it, who doesn’t want that?”

Count me in.

14 ways you can workout with a Versa-Loop

By Jennifer Nyp (aka Zen Girl Fitness)

Warm up with a walk or run for 10 minutes and add five additional minutes every week. Finish with the band exercises. Be sure to keep a certain amount of tension— not too much, but enough so there is no slack in the band. Start with the lighter band and when that becomes too easy, move up to the stronger band. Do at least 5 different exercises each session. The best thing about this band is that it gives you more bang for your buck, so if your time is limited (whose isn’t??), you will feel like you’ve worked hard no matter what.

Move #1: Squat

Start with a simple squat or add these variations to make it more difficult.

Move #2: Steps

Lean into the steps, pull your stomach in and breath!

Move #3: Pilates Ab Series

Keep your head as far forward as possible without lifting your shoulders off the ground or mat. Keep band tight by opening legs just enough for tension.

Move #4: Glute Exercises

Work it until your booty burns!

Move #5: Jumping Jacks

So simple, yet so much more challenging with the band. You can even do it with your kids!

Move #6: Double or Single Leg Bridge

This move is excellent for glutes, inner and outer thighs and stretches the front body. If you have Diastasis Recti, progress slowly to single leg and don’t press the leg out to the side.

Move #7: Booty Buster

Turn those feet out and pulse your knees back as far as possible. Squeeze that booty. It is summer after all!

Move #8: Mountain Climbers

Here are some variations on the classic Mountain Climbers. Do 2-3 sets of 1-2 minutes!

Move #9: Back Rows

The band can work your entire body, even your back. Be mindful of your lower back-don’t round it, keep it straight and your shoulders down.

Move #10: Side Plank

For the side plank with leg variations, keep your head back and tuck your tail so your body is in one straight line.

Move #11: Arm Crawl

This is challenging but also fun! Keep your booty down and abs up.

Move #12: Bicep Curl

You can do one arm at a time or both together, just make sure to do the same number on each side!

Move #13: Deadlift

Pretty challenging because the band is tight. Keep your back flat!

Move #14: Shuffle

To the side, front and back! It takes a little practice but it’s a great warm-up.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday when Jen will teach us how to incorporate another item into your at-home workout. You can check out her full list of recommended home gym equipment here.

You can follow Jennifer Nyp on Instagram at @zengirlfitness for more daily exercise ideas or if you live in Manhattan and want to work out with her private SOHO studio, you find her contact info here.

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