The woman who volunteered to take the photo above yelled, “Say daddy wears diapers!!!” right before she snapped the shot. It totally worked and I’m guessing she’s done that before. She even got Mike to laugh!

That’s us in Park City, Utah in March; a ski trip Mike and I have been going on since before we had kids. The snow has been hit or miss the past couple of years and this year was particularly barren when we got there. It was so warm that I didn’t even have an appropriate jacket and had to borrow Mike’s vest the first day. Thankfully, it got colder mid-week and we got some fresh snow, which made for some really excellent skiing.

This was the first time we brought Harlow to Park City (in previous years, she stayed home with Grammy) and I wasn’t sure if she would take to ski school. She’s only skied one other time at Mont Tremblant earlier this year and that was one private lesson in the morning; not a whole day with a big group.

Well, I shouldn’t have worried because she didn’t make a fuss about going to ski school at all. And when it came to the slopes, SHE KILLED IT. Not only could she make a pizza stop and some turns by the end of the trip, she is already working on her jumps!

You can see Harlow ski plus all the other fun stuff we did in Park City in my latest travel video. Woohoo! New YouTube videos every Friday just like I promised last week. Allie worked her ASS off editing this one so please leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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