Life is stressful, and life with a baby can be especially so. That’s why a glass of red wine often seems necessary after you finally get those babies to go to bed. But what if you are the baby? Judging by all the fussiness, that’s pretty stressful too. 

Luckily there are coping mechanisms parents can use to ease their baby’s stress, and one dad, Rafael Aybar, has tried them all. In a video he posted to Facebook (currently at an impressive 30 million views), Aybar offers his crying daughter all the usual tricks and tools to soothe her, but she ain’t having it.

She shoves his hand away when he tries to give her a bottle. She shakes her head at a plate of plain spaghetti. She looks at her pink pacifier like it’s poisoned. Finally, Aybar finds one thing that does the trick, and parents everywhere can totally relate.

Something about a glass of red just feels so so right. (I mean, not for a baby, but you get my point.)


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