Harlow has been choreographing Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” for about six months. I think you’ll find that the end product has a more languid dance style than the punctuated moves she put together for “Hotline Bling,” once again proving that when it comes to music, Harlow definitely feels the beat.

The video below splices together several interpretations of the song played out over various evenings, but the moves flow seamlessly together. I mean would you expect anything less from my four-year-old daughter?

Also, if you were watching my Snapchat over the weekend, you probably saw Harlow leading an entire room full of people (both kids and adults) to her choreography of Rachel Platton’s “Fight Song.” This was unplanned and initiated completely by Harlow. I think I might need to rent a dance studio and shoot her properly. Maybe James Corden would be interested in attending for another episode of Toddlerography? Maybe call it Preschoolerography?

Check out Harlow dancing to Dark Horse. Yes, that is a band aid on her chin. The show must go on, you know?

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