Ever since Harlow swung her free foot up when she saw me snapping a pic while she was riding her scooter, I’ve noticed that my youngest daughter has a certain knack for BRINGING IT in photos. Whether she looks the camera dead in the lens with an intensity a la Naomi Campbell or she puts one hand on her hip and turns slightly to the side like she has been taking lessons from noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, Harlow clearly knows how to work a camera.

Of course, Harlow is all of 30 pounds and is usually wearing outfits that look like her stylist dressed her with their eyes closed, so I don’t know if she will be gracing the cover of Vogue any time soon. But if they ever cast America’s Next Top Preschooler, I think Harlow could be a contender. In the mean time, she will continue to pose her heart out on Instagram. I’ve even started hashtagging her best model moments with #poselikeharlow.

I mean look at my girl WERK…

Here she is with one hand on her hip:

Here she is with both hands on hips:

Showing off a wide stance in her bathing suit:

Showing off her Elsa accessories:

Showing off her grape popsicle in her underpants:

Making the most out of her Joy costume:

Trying and failing to flash a peace sign:

Adopting whatever that sign was and calling it her own:

Stopping traffic:

Stopping pedestrians:

Doing her best Anna Wintour impression:

Showing me who’s boss at my office:

Upstaging Mazzy at her birthday party:

Giving us a little taste of her hip hop class:

Bringing it to Main Street at MGM:

Bringing it to Copenhagen:

Bringing it to Niagara Falls:

Modeling her raccoon purse:

Modeling a pink tutu:

Working it on the way to school:

Showing off her Shimmer and Shine costume:

Showing us all that tiaras and unicorn slippers totally go together:

Showing off an automobile (no for real, this was for a sponsored post I did with Audi and all I did was tell Harlow to pose in front of the car):

Showing up the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall:

Making it work in summer:

Making it work in winter:

Showing us how to work a Christmas Tree:

Mastering the over the shoulder shot:

Mastering an action shot:

Kicking her foot up:

Turning it up on her third birthday:

Showing the older girls how it’s done:

Getting into character:

Working the couch:

Working a staircase:

Working a stroller:

Showing off the belly:

Twisting her leg out:

Crossing one foot in front of the other:

Popping up her knee:

Popping out her hip:

Mastering the lean back:

Trying something new and cutting edge:

Just looking pretty damn adorable:

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