Last Friday night, I took Harlow to the “Taylor Swift Experience” at the Grammy Museum in South Street Seaport, which, if you were watching on my Instagram story, you probably expected to include an actual Taylor Swift. Sorry, if that was not communicated and was therefore disappointing. Harlow thought Taylor Swift was going to be there too and was also a tad disappointed.

My advice is— if you decide to take your kids to the “Taylor Swift Experience,” which is just an exhibit about Taylor Swift, you should prep your kids accordingly.


Also, when I persuade Harlow to stand on the red carpet in the pic at the top by telling her “It’s fancy,” she countered with, “It’s not fancy, Mom. It’s dirty.” Can’t argue with that.

It was still fun though. I mean, it was the LEAST EDUCATIONAL MUSEUM VISIT EVER, but Harlow got to dance to “Shake It Off” on a light up floor and watch Taylor Swift videos to her heart’s content, which made her get over the lack of a real life Taylor Swift and the dirty red carpet very quickly.

Is it just me or are her moves getting better???

Also, if anyone could look at me the way Harlow looks at Taylor Swift, I could die happy.


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