Harlow sings while she works. She sings while she pees. She sings while she gets pushed in the stroller. She sings while doing pretty much everything. She has a few greatest hits— “I love Mommy” (my personal favorite), “It’s Raining” (another good one) and the most popular of all, “The Mixing Song.”

Who is “The Mixing Song” popular with exactly?

The only person that matters. That’s Harlow.

Harlow has never baked or cooked anything, without at some point, bursting into “The Mixing Song.” The tune changes and the words are inconsistent, but the intent is the same. Harlow is happy to be mixing. So happy, that she must sing about it. For however long that mixing takes. Even if mixing ends up taking precedence over actually finishing up whatever it is she is baking.

“Should we move onto the next step, Harlow?”

“No, Mom. I’m not done mixing. Mixing, mixing, mixing…” and so on and so forth.

Check out this video compilation of all Harlow’s greatest “Mixing Song” moments:

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