I’ve been working with Responsibility.Org for the past two years on a series called Conversations with your Kids which deals with how and when to talk to your children about big and sometimes uncomfortable topics. Last year, we talked about keeping the lines of communication open and this year, we addressed specific topics.

It’s one thing to decide on your own time when you are ready to approach your kid about a subject, but that’s not usually how it goes down. Usually, your kids are curious way before you are prepared to talk. If your kid has ever asked a tough question (or twenty tough questions) that left you struggling to find the correct response, I think you will greatly appreciate the video below.

The Mommy Shorts Team produced this video ourselves and we had so much fun making it. We shot it in my friend’s apartment and got to hire actors and everything! I hope you enjoy.

I know it might seem counter-intuitive to end the series with this video as opposed to kick it off, but for parents who are interested, I wanted there to be a wealth of information already available to them. All the tips in the posts below were written by experts on the topics:

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11 Tips for Teaching Your Kids about Internet Safety

It’s also important to note, that even if you don’t have a particularly curious kid who asks a lot of questions, it then becomes the parent’s responsibility to bring these issues up themselves. No one ever said parenting was easy!


Conversations with your Kids” is a series in partnership with, an organization that encourages parents to establish open lines of communication with their children, particularly around the issues of peer pressure and underage drinking.