We’ve been purging, off an on, for about three weeks now, and by far, the hardest person to get on board with the decluttering process is my five-year-old Harlow. Harlow is Queen of the Collections, Ruler of the Figurines, Keeper of all the Little Things that Come with Every Barbie and Lego Set. She is also the “Decider of What’s Special.”

Here are a few things that fall under “Special Things:”

1) Things that she made

2) Things that other people made

3) Things that Mazzy no longer wants but doesn’t want to throw out so she presents them to Harlow as a gift

4) Things anyone gave her as a gift, regardless of the item, the person or the occasion it was given

5) Things that belong in a “grouping,” i.e. Shopkins, Hatchimals, lip glosses and random dog figurines

6) Shells

7) Art Stuff

8) “Phones” that she has me make out of construction paper and tape to exact measurement specifications

9) Class Valentines from last year

10) Plastic Brushes that come with dolls

I could go on and on, but instead of making a list that will be as long as the Old Testament, I’m going to show you a video of what happened when I tried to get Harlow to pare back on the amount of knick knacks on her desk.

I think the true purge might have to happen when she is not watching.

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