In case you missed it, I did my first Facebook LIVE on Wednesday!! I’ve been trying to come up with a reason to use Facebook LIVE for a while now and finally figured it out— show you guys what’s in the Swag Bag! Because I’m way less awkward when I have props.

You can watch the video from Wednesday below. I talk about all the contents of this month’s Swag Bag (subscribe to my newsletter to get entry instructions this Sunday), plus I got to plug a lot of stuff like a reading/signing I’m doing in New Jersey on February 12th (at the Mount Olive Library at 2:30pm) and about my Shorty Award nomination (vote for me!!!).

It was a lot more fun than I was expecting and watching it back, I had the very strange sensation of not being totally embarrassed by my performance. I mean, it’s a little doofy and off the cuff, but that’s all part of my charm, right???

If you opted not to watch the 27 minute video (understandable), here’s a short list of what you’ll find inside:

1) MZ Wallace Metro tote (which Harlow is trying to steal in the pic up top)

2) The contents of the goodie bag from Harlow’s 4th Birthday party including a rainbow cow/giraffe (we’re still not sure)

3) The Spoon Cocoon (which is meant for keeping your child’s spoon clean in your bag, no matter what else it might look like)

4) The Hope Doll from the Doll Kind (FYI, the maker of these dolls started her company after winning the First Years parentpreneur grant, which she found out about from my blog!)

5) A pack of Pampers Easy Ups (aka the sponsor of The Mommy Shorts Show)

6) A pair of Ocean Spray hats that Pam strongly recommends as a potential couples Halloween costume (I don’t get it either)

7) The LittleMissMatched dress that Mazzy modeled last year (although not the actual dress)

8) Seedling velvet paint kit (we’ll stick in two if you have siblings who want to do the project together, although hopefully he/she won’t start quacking like Harlow)

9) Cheerios snack case (you can watch our new Cheerios video and find out how to win a Roomba here)

10) Lots of socks! Including LittleMissMatched Colorize socks.

11) Frozen Lego set (rejected from Harlow on Hanukah because she already owns it – oops)

12) Barbie Fashionista

13) Mashups and Mighty Dino crackers (or as Harlow calls them, “Dinosaur Fish”) from Plum Organics

14) Apple Park owl backpack and lunch pack (made from recycled water bottles!)

15) Curel Hydra Therapy travel-size (did you see my shower scene?)

16) Olly Goodbye Stress (gummy vitamins for adults!)

17) Mazzy and Harlow’s hand-me-down bonnets from Little Sun Hat

As usual, entry instructions to win this month’s swag bag will appear in this Sunday’s Mommy Shorts newsletter. You can subscribe here!

And please— let me know what you thought about the Facebook LIVE video. Should I do this every month??? If you don’t want to miss it LIVE, follow Mommy Shorts on Facebook.

Have a great weekend!

xo, Mommy Shorts

Winner update:

Congratulations to Lauren Thomas!! Please email to claim your prize!