Over the summer, you might remember me snapchatting as a giraffe while a crew of people took over my home to shoot a video for a new moisturizer called Curél Hydra Therapy. At some point during the day, I was in a towel and everyone on Snapchat was like “What is happening???” and I was like— THE GIRAFFE IS GOING IN THE SHOWER.

If you are not on Snapchat, then you have no idea what I am talking about so let me explain…

The giraffe is my favorite Snapchat face filter. I like to use it whenever it’s an option. It’s kind of my thing.

Curél Hydra Therapy works by applying it to wet skin while your pores are still open, so you are supposed to put it on before you dry off. That meant, in order to properly show off the product, I had to do it while still in the shower. They were only going to show some arm and a leg in the video, but STILL. Most people would rather swim with sharks than take a shower in front of fully-clothed people with cameras, and I am no exception. Except, I think I may have evolved my thinking on this since I had kids. Ironic since I probably looked a lot better then. Now, I’m like— you want to film me in the shower? In front of a camera crew? Can I put a bathing suit on? Yes? Alright, let’s do this thing.

Here I am in the video below talking about my issues with dry skin (I have a lifetime of them) and testing out New Curél Hydra Therapy in the shower:

And here’s Mazzy and Harlow talking to the director while both eating bananas:


I’ve been using Curél Hydra Therapy for a few months now and I must say, my biggest dry skin problem areas have improved immensely. I’m not itching my wrists as much (which means I can wear bracelets!) and I’m not embarrassed by my heels when I’m wearing sandals. Yay!

I also find it much easier to fit into my routine because it cuts out a step. You turn the shower off, apply the moisturizer while wet and then wrap yourself in a towel. No drying off twice and no greasy feel.

I’m excited to see if it continues to work through the winter when my skin usually gets even worse. Stay tuned!

I have partnered with Curél to share how I break the rules of dry skin. Please click here to learn more about Curél Hydra Therapy and how you can end dry skin for good.