Over the summer, I was introduced to Olly vitamins thanks to a branded partnership we did for the Picky Eaters Club. The partnership was mainly to promote their kids’ vitamins but they also sent Mike and I a variety of their adult vitamins too.

It is rare that in my middle age, I adopt a completely new habit, but that, my friends, is what has happened. I am an Olly vitamin convert and I have been taking them every night since last summer, well after my free supply ran out.

Mike is an Olly vitamin convert too which makes the vitamins that much harder to keep in stock at our house. We both hoard the Olly Restful Sleep vitamins on our sides of the bed so that we have control over the supply. THEY REALLY WORK. We’ve doubled up in both the apartment and the summer house because we miss them when they aren’t there. On trips to Target, checking if we are low on Undeniable Beauty, Endless Energy and Ultimate Immunity has become standard procedure before we head out the door.


“Any chance you are working with the Olly people again?” Mike always asks when he notices he’s out of the Men’s Multi. So, he might have been the most excited when I told him Olly had reached out again. I believe his exact response was— “WOOHOO!!! WHEN CAN I PLACE MY ORDER????”

Your next question might be— What is so exciting about Olly vitamins?

Well, for starters, they are delicious.

Did I say delicious? I meant GOOD FOR YOU.

Well, actually both.

Olly was created to make the vitamin category fun, because you have to admit— choking down horse pills and gagging on fish oil should not be the key to a healthy lifestyle. Every time I’ve tried to start a vitamin regimen in the past, I failed because of one thing only— I don’t enjoy taking vitamins. It’s a chore and so I’d often skip days. Or I’d run out and I wouldn’t be particularly motivated to replenish.

Olly vitamins are mostly gummies, some plain and some with a light coating of natural cane sugar, in exciting flavors like blackberry blitz, grapefruit glam, sweet clementine and tropical mango. They use only natural sweeteners, flavors and colors with nothing artificial.


Their names are more fun too. Each variety is simply titled by the benefit you get from taking it, like Solid Bones, Vibrant Skin, and Hello Sunshine, which means you don’t need to have a PhD to pick your poison.

I’ve gotten into the habit of taking Beauty, Skin, Bones and the Woman’s Multi every day. Mike takes Energy, Sunshine and the Men’s Multi. We both take Sleep and Immunity when we need it.

You know when 10pm rolls around and you’ve already had dinner and maybe a little snack or dessert after and then you’re like— I just need a little extra something…

Olly vitamins fulfill that need perfectly.

When we received our recent shipment, I pulled open the box, and happily unearthed my favorites plus a few new ones like the Mega Omega-3 and Purely Probiotic.

Mazzy and Harlow gathered around the box, watching me pull out each package. When I was done, I set them all up together.


“WHAT?!!!! No Kids’ Vitamins?????!!!!!”

“Sorry, just adult vitamins this time.”

Did I mention Mazzy and Harlow are converts too?


Today, I’m giving away a $250 Target gift card and a basket full of $70 worth of Olly products. Just follow the simple rules below to win.

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2) Check out the variety of products on the Olly website and then leave a comment under this post telling me which vitamin you really need the most.

Winner will be announced on June 2nd.

Good luck!

Special Offer:

You can buy Olly vitamins at Target or get your picks delivered to your door monthly (or as often as you like). If you sign up now using the code MSFREE, you’ll get one item in your first box free. You can cancel anytime, but I don’t think you’ll want to! Offer expires on December 31. 2016.

Winner Update:

Congrats to Brittany M! Please contact to claim your prize.