Like this “woke baby” who drew her own sign and is taking the internet by storm, there were tons of children who attended the Women’s March this past Saturday. As I mentioned in my post about the Women’s March in NYC, I didn’t bring Mazzy or Harlow. Harlow is not good with crowds and Mazzy opted to stay home after I showed her the march on television earlier that morning. I was a little disappointed but once I was there, I thought she made the right choice. Mainly because she would have wanted to go home way before I was ready. I marched from start to finish, which lasted five hours.

Kudos to those parents who were brave enough to bring their kids and teach them a valuable lesson in standing up for what you believe in. Plus from an adult perspective, there is something extra impactful about seeing a protest sign on a child. We are fighting for their future after all.

Here are some of the smallest, yet most powerful protesters at the Women’s March:

source: @mommyshorts

source: @jfuentes

source: USA Today

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source: Kathryn Tyler

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source: Maiya Buck

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source: Elizabeth Warren

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source: Alice Speri

source: Julia Loffe

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source: @JenAshleyWright

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source: Rebecca Ramsey

source: Kaitlin Stanford

source: Stella Bugbee

source: Diana Tsui

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty good about our future.

You can read about my experience at the march here.

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