It can be tough to see your babies grow up, and few things throw the inevitable in your face more noticeably than your daughter wearing makeup. I can only imagine the mixed emotions I’ll feel when my girls realize that Cherry Chapstick isn’t real lipstick! So how do you deal with it?

One dad is handling it in the best way dads know how— with a long series of dad jokes.

In the video below, Meg, of the YouTube channel Meggs and Bacon, recorded a makeup tutorial and let her dad narrate the whole thing. Does he know anything about makeup? No, absolutely not. But when he offers up commentary like, “Actually you could see my cheekbones before I put all that other crap on, but now you can’t so I have to highlight them again,” you have to admit he makes some pretty valid points.

This will 100% be Mazzy and Mike one day.

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